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Ready to create targeted content and virtual events that positions you as an authority, expands your reach and creates opportunities for partnerships?

Rise and Lead Media is your event and media partner focused on helping you create an integrative marketing and sales communications strategies for all your virtual events and marketing communication needs. Our services include planning, content strategy, content creation, social media plan, virtual event planning and end-to-end digital customer experiences that attract and retain clients while achieving business results.

Rise and Lead Media clients come from various industries, event organizers, thought leaders, and business executives.


Whether you are just starting or want to up-level your online brand presence, we are here to support you achieve your brand objectives.


We can help you achieve the following: 

Virtual Event Creation and Tech Coordination:


A Virtual Event can help you stay connected with your network, team or client base, reach a wider audience and build relationships that lead to sales or collaborations.

An event whether in-person or online needs a strategy. We help business leaders and event hosts develop a proven plan for content, marketing, and sales of any event size.


Are you ready to have an event partner to help you produce an excellent online event while you focus on your core job?


We love hosting events and we want to help you take away the guesswork and produce an event in the shortest amount of time, less stressful for you and your attendees


Here are different ways you can work with us:


Event planning and Strategy

The aim of every event is to attract the right audience and engage attendees, so they continue to talk about the event long after it’s over. We help you clarify the purpose of the event, and event promise and select a sharp topic that conveys the purpose of the event and easily and quickly fills up the seats. We also work with you to create a detailed marketing and promotion plan to ensure a more extensive reach once we agree on the event plan.

Content strategy

A successful online campaign starts with the right content strategy and copywriting. We can help you handle the entire marketing communication strategy, sales templates and follow-up emails. Your event should promote your products, services or thought leadership. 

Together, we’ll craft the event purpose, event promise, and event title that attracts attendees to build relationships, overcome objections, and close the sale. You will receive an event launch calendar, event agenda, and a topic selection template to encourage an engaged audience and prospects.

Marketing and sales planning strategy

Based on the number of clients or prospects you want to attract, we will agree on your marketing budget, reach and design a strategy to achieve them.

Business Strategy

We help you tie your event to your overall business goals through detailed metrics measurement and analysis.

We help you create useful processes and procedures that will help you manage future events.

Social Media promotion strategy

We will focus on creating messages or brand stories that touch the hearts and help clients to pay attention to your event offer. This Strategy will help you fill up your events, sell your products or services online, and attract newsletter subscribers.

Event Attendees Management

We make your guests feel welcomed, engaged and receiving value while you sit back and relax. We’ll handle email scheduling, reminders, logistics, and thank you notes.

Video & Audio Editing and production

Your event video or audio will need some edit work before sharing with attendees. We can add music and convert your rerecording to MP3 for a podcast.

Virtual Event Management

We develop processes, templates, and systems that help you to replicate your event with a little help from our team.

Select an option to work with us

Standard Package

Strategy Session to Plan Your Event Content and Promotion 

Your event needs to align with your business goals. Together, we’ll brainstorm

and select your event title, create your event promise to position and promote your event and attract your ideal clients. We will design a full event promotion timeline for your virtual event to help you reach a wider audience, build interest and achieve your event goal. We will advise you on what promotional content to create, and where to publish them.

VIP Package

Strategy + Project Management

We will provide all the benefits of the standard package plus, help in developing your email newsletter funnel for event promotion

Social media promotion content for 30 days

Speakers agreement template

Speaker invitation template

Attendee engagement emails

Plus, event strategy

Boutique Full-service Package

Full Event Planning and Tech Coordination

We will provide all the benefits of the VIP package plus, help you plan content, set goals, manage guests, manage speakers, attract attendees, edit and email your recordings.


Ready to Start?  

Speak with one of our dedicated team of experts to assess your current strategies, identify what needs to be done and create a plan to help you attract your ideal clients, position you as the go-to expert, and make sales through your positioning.

About Rise and Lead Media


Rise and Lead Media is your event, and media partner focused on helping you create integrative marketing and sales communications strategies for all your virtual events and content marketing needs. Our services include planning, content strategy, content creation, social media planning, virtual event planning and end-to-end digital customer experiences that attract and retain clients while achieving business results.


We work with small and large organisations and individuals who want to rise above the online noise and create targeted content and virtual events that position you as an authority, expand your reach and create opportunities for partnerships.


We help you to create a digital marketing strategy, promotional content and targeted messaging which you can use on your website, social media updates or online advertising.


We specialize in producing all sizes of events and event and online brand management.

The Team

Digital Strategy Consultant and Event Coordinator

Ebere Akadiri


Ebere is the digital strategy consultant and event coordinator at Rise and Lead Media. Her expertise is on business and leadership development for women in business, events production, content marketing, and social selling.

Ebere is the founder of Rise and Lead Women, a women leadership advocacy organisation, and the CEO of The Founder-Table Club, a digital platform that supports small business owners to grow their businesses.

She has over 20 years of business development experience and is currently writing a book on small business growth. She is a writer and a keynote speaker.

Strategy Consultant and Project Manager

Olabisi Akadiri


He specializes in creating efficient structures, workflows and execution.

Olabisi Akadiri has worked for over 20 years across the upstream oil and gas value chain coordinating business delivery across 4 continents. He has managed businesses with over $4 billion of free cash flow. He is an expert in strategy development, and in transforming strategic plans into tactical initiatives at various organisational levels, from international to local. Olabisi is passionate about integration, innovation and continuous improvement. His diverse background in operations, strategy and finance management gives him a unique ability to maximise value across multiple areas of operations and a combination of portfolios. He also has strong expertise in business performance improvement, and in the use of various facilitation tools and techniques to foster integration and enhanced problem solving. He is the Executive Director of Ataro Consulting.

Our Partners and Clients

We work with a team of freelancers who work together on your project to achieve a fast result.

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